• Arbitration

    Representation of clients in a wide range of disputes (such as termination of contracts and partnership disputes) submitted to arbitration administered by major Brazilian arbitration institutions such as the Arbitration Chamber of the São Paulo Stock Exchange (Câmara de Arbitragem do Mercado – CAM) and the Arbitration and Mediation Center of the São Paulo Chamber of Commerce and Industry (Câmara de Conciliação, Mediação e Arbitragem CIESP/FIESP).

  • Appellate Jurisdiction & Strategic Lawsuits

    The Firm’s appellate attorneys handle appeals in a wide variety of commercial disputes including consumer rights, contract interpretation and shareholder disputes, in the Rio de Janeiro State Supreme Court (Tribunal de Justiça do Estado do Rio de Janeiro), the 2nd. Federal Circuit Court of Appeals (Tribunal Regional Federal – 2a. Região), the Federal High Court of Appeals (Superior Tribunal de Justiça) and the Supreme Court of Brazil (Supremo Tribunal Federal).

    The Firm is retained by other attorneys and clients who seek appellate experience and expertise during a case or after the initial litigation.

  • Lawsuits involving regulatory issues

    Representation of clients in state and federal courts in a range of regulatory matters, from arguing disputes that arise from ambiguous statutory and regulatory language, to defending enforcement actions.

    • Consumer litigation

      Representation of various major telecommunication (“telcos”) and public utilities companies in consumer protection-based individual lawsuits or class actions. The Firm is recognized as one of the leading law firms of Rio de Janeiro in this area of practice.

      The Firm has dedicated teams of attorneys and paralegals in Rio de Janeiro, Porto Alegre and Curitiba for the representation of clients in consumer protection litigation

      Technology helps to expedite reporting of the cases allowing clients to keep track of the thousands of lawsuits in progress.

    • Public Procurement Litigation

      Representation of aggrieved or successful bidders in order to, as the case may be, affirm, unpick, suspend or restart procurements.
      Preparing protests based upon improprieties in solicitation or award of contracts for the procurement of goods or services by Governmental agencies and State-owned enterprises.
      Preparing administrative appeals against penalty charges imposed by the contracting office.
    • Commercial Litigation

      Representation of clients in a wide range of legal disputes. The Firm´s attorneys have substantial experience in commercial disputes such as commission claims by brokers and agents, collection cases, shareholder and partnership disputes, etc.

    • Business Transactions

      Assistance with the legal aspects of a product/service chain of supply and commercialization; franchise structuring and planning; drafting/reviewing of revenue and non-revenue contracts and licensing agreements; real estate transactions; drafting of contract templates

    • Company Law

      Assistance with general corporate matters such as drafting and filing of bylaws, operating agreements, shareholder agreements, minutes of meetings and resolutions, corporate buyouts, mergers and acquisitions.

    • Foreign Investment

      Representation of domestic and foreign companies in (outbound or inbound transactions)  direct investment, international trade and litigation maters.

      Counseling to clients from United States, Europe and Latin America doing business in Brazil.

      Incorporation of local subsidiaries or joint venture companies; drafting and negotiating foreign sales agency and distribution agreements; direct investment and asset planning; international licensing and franchising.

    • Joint Ventures & Acquisitions

      Strategic counseling for companies, investors and startup entrepreneurs in matters relating to incorporation of joint venture companies and company acquisitions.

      Drafting and negotiating the specific representations and covenants for the corresponding transaction agreements.

    • IP Transactions

      Drafting and negotiating agreements relating to the development, use and transfer of intellectual property, including outsourcing deals, licenses, research and development collaborations, joint ventures, agency/distribution agreements.

      Advise on e-commerce, venture funding and venture incubation processes;  representation in infringement litigation and IT law disputes.

      Advise on production, licensing and distribution of audiovisual works.

    • Labor and Employment Law

      Representation in a wide range of cases, such as discrimination and abusive supervision claims, hour and wage disputes.

      Advice concerning design and review of employment policies; compliance procedures and litigation avoidance; strategies for proper documentation and other protection for employers regarding wrongful discharge of employees.

      Drafting and negotiating severance agreements when necessary to avoid future liabilities.

      Advice concerning negotiation of labor agreements.